Why Next Chapter

Empowering women

Because we want to increase women’s access to funding and empower them to make a profit, thrive and inspire other women.

Focus on Asia

Because we’re Asia-focused, so we’re able to work closely with you on your campaign.

Supporting women-led businesses

Because we believe that women want to support businesses owned and led by other women, and we want to create an online space where they can do that.

Your next chapter

Because we’ll provide mentoring and education to guide you through the funding cycle to start, build and grow your business.

Driving innovation

Because women understand what women want and need, so they’re more likely to come up with practical, user-friendly solutions. After all, necessity is the mother of invention!

Makes sense

Because championing women-owned and women-led enterprises makes good business sense, and it’s good for society!

Campaigns Coming Soon

Create Campaign

Got a great idea for a product or service you think the world wants and needs?

Create Campaign

Stay tuned for news of new campaigns to be launched soon

Who Can Create A Campaign?

Female Entrepreneurs

female entrepreneurs who want to own their own financial destiny


businesses that are co-founded or co-led
by a woman

Female-focused Companies

businesses that are in line with our mission of enabling women

What Can You Do On Next Chapter?

For Campaign Creators


Create your campaign

Offer Rewards

Offer rewards to your Supporters

Get feedback

Get feedback about the viability of your business idea

Raise funds

Raise funds and start your next chapter

Keep in touch

Keep in touch with your Supporters

Come back

Come back regularly for more funding and resources

For Supporters

Pledge your support

Pledge your support for a campaign you like

Receive great rewards

Receive some great rewards when a campaign reaches its funding target

Feel good

Feel good about supporting a project and a female entrepreneur you believe in

So talk to us if you want to:

  • Attract the funding you need to launch and build a successful business - the next chapter in your life
  • Seek market validation for your new business, product or service
  • Build market buzz for your business
  • Get empowered and motivated by the timeframe that a campaign creates

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