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Retirement Age is NOT = Best Before Date

A year ago my mum retired after 35 years of working as a teacher. And within a few days we could feel that she wasn't enjoying her retirement as much we thought she would. For someone who'd worked all her life and juggled several roles in and out of the home, getting retired just because she'd blown 60 candles on her cake, seemed hard to come to terms with.

Ageism is Everywhere

In the buildings we live in, the roads we walk on, in the font sizes on our phones and the places we work at. Ageism is everywhere.

In case of my mum, as we looked for flexible work opportunities to re-engage her, we realised that despite extensive experience and accolades, it was hard to find a single skill or experience-appropriate opportunity just because of her age.

As the world around us ages rapidly, we should be concerned about how we change the conversation and actions around senior inclusiveness. According to the WHO:

"Between 2015 and 2050, the proportion of the world's population over 60 years will nearly double from 12% to 22%."

The global life expectancy globally will go from 69 years in 2015 to 76 years in 2050. And in some countries like Hong Kong, that number is closer to mid 80s. 

How does that change our lives? Well...

You can Expect 30 years or more of Retirement

With prolonged life expectancy comes retirement years that may far exceed the number of years one has worked for.

This will create a growing, unsustainable pool of talent that would have been forced out of work well before they needed to be. While on the other hand, economies will suffer a shrinking work force because of reduced birth rate.

So it's time to bridge the gap by leveraging the wealth of their latent talent and re-introducing them to the workforce in a flexible and meaningful way.

What we're doing 

As a small step in promoting senior inclusiveness and continuous learning for mature talent, we decided to build Retired Not Out ( - a disruptive online platform connecting experienced, mature talent with relevant, flexible opportunities to learn and work. 

Launched in April 2017 in Hong Kong (one of the fastest ageing economies in the world) we have already gathered a tribe of fifty seniors across various retirement levels who would most likely prefer consulting / teaching / training roles. We have placed 3 people in the past 3 months with startups as well as large corporates. 

Not only do we curate roles for seniors but also work closely with organizations to create roles that add value to businesses.

Oh! And there's the Senior School

Not only do we want to connect seniors with jobs but also want to make sure they are ready for a fantastic second innings by coaching them for employability readiness and helping them re-define the norms of retirement.

Once they acknowledge the transition and recognize the skills they need for their preferred second career, we enable them to learn these skills through custom designed skill-building modules especially in the areas of technology, language and soft-skills to enable them to catch up with the changing world.

How are we different? 
  • We're Senior Forward in design and accessibility
  • We're helping locals, expats and travelling seniors connect with relevant, flexible jobs
  • We focus on skill building to power second careers
  • We're helping build future ready organizations
  • We're the only online marketplace addressing this market in Hong Kong 

We believe that retirement is a pause in life where you re-calibrate and do things better the next time around. It's not the end of the road. It's the start of a new chapter.

So help us There are several ways you can support us in!
  1. Help us raise money by choosing any of the rewards below. They are designed to delight people over 50 and would make for amazing gifts
  2. Like and share our campaign link on Facebook or Linkedin or Instagram and tell people about it - word of mouth really works!
  3. Send an email to your friends, family, or colleagues to tell them about this marketplace
  4. Sign up your mom, dad, in-laws, aunties or neighbours on
  5. Come and teach one of your many professional skills to our growing senior community 
What are we going to do with the money we raise?
  1. Seniors need re-training of certain skills, such as technology as well as soft-skill coaching to be better prepared for their second careers. We are putting together some of the best (Retired) teachers and custom created course material to make this happen.
  2. Events and engagement with corporates and SMEs to understand the value of senior talent

Did we mention help us raise money? :)

To do that, select any of the rewards below, which will help contribute towards our fundraising efforts!

Shipping Details:
  • Shipping in Hong Kong is free
  • Shipping in India at an additional charge of USD 30
  • Heartisans Watch International Shipping at USD 30 

If you're interested to know more and would like to be a part of our journey you can write to me directly on


Thank you so much for your support!

Priyanka Gothi

Founder & CEO,

P.S: Know someone who could benefit from our service? Let us know on 

09 August, 2017 22:37

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Balanced Active Ageing with 50+ Tai Chi - Limited Seats Only


+ A 1.5 hour long Tai Chi session designed for seniors - class in a beautiful terrace in Central, Hong Kong will include.: -A Knowledge Session: Philosophy of how to tackle fitness as you age, especially balance. -A Movement Session with guided sample workout so participants can engage with the benefits of the exercises. Limited Seats Only!

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Tech for Seniors 101 Package


Tired of answering those tech questions from your parents? Let us help you! A set of 4 videos of 8-10 minutes each, that answer some of the top tech questions that bother those who weren't born with an iPad in their cradle! The topics will include: + Travelling with Technology + Socialising with Social Media + Connecting with the Internet + Files and Storage Available in English only

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Connect with two Seniors for Part-Time Roles in your Company


Do you need an office manager? A writer? A billings officer? A quality specialist? A translator? A teacher? Or even a mentor? We have over a 100 incredible seniors who are excited to add value to your organization. Use our platform to connect with 2 seniors for any part time roles. You can select from the profiles listed on our website or reach out to us for access to specific requirements. You can avail this anytime between October 2017 to March 2018 We charge 120 USD to connect you with seniors. Retail Price is USD 128 Senior fees will be negotiable on the role. This price also includes email and phone support with Retired Not Out to find you the right senior for your needs.

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Up-skill Seniors in Hong Kong


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'Generations of Love' Family Photoshoot


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For Our Angels


We can't thank you enough for being pillars in our growth, but we'll try! + Get your / your company's name on our in the ABOUT US section + Be invited as a teacher to address an amazing batch of senior students for TWO sessions - Could be done in person or via SKYPE. You choose the subject and the schedule Get your hands on an exclusive Heartisans watch - a wearable cuff-less blood pressure monitor that allows you to measure your blood pressure anytime, anywhere. (Retail Price US$ 199) + A 30-minute onboarding call to help TWO loved ones over 50 build a great profile on

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Corporates Retirement Transition Management for Employees


A comprehensive pre and post retirement coaching programme that prepares your loyal employees for a successful inning, even after they retire. Duration: 10 sessions across 3 months Courses Covered: Setting Right Attitudes for Coaching and Transition Discovering your career essentials for starting a new chapter Career Transition and Change Management 360 Degree Job Search Methods Writing Winning Resume and Cover Letter Job Interview Techniques Workshop Building Your 2nd Career Readiness Skills Matching Your Strength with the Market Demand Building Successful Diverse Team Professional Image and Business Etiquette Also Includes: Course Material + Homework Individual Coaching (Upto 9 hours) Cost: USD 1200 / employee

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